Sunday, November 6, 2011

Educational Program: Rivers and Birds -Walk with CARACAL and Bird LIfe.

Education is the cornerstone of any research program. Our NSF program has a strong cooperative program directed towards not only scientific training but involving stakeholders from the project area in program training. Children are the future of science. We need to ensure that children who are also stakeholders not only value the resource and understand the the challenges but become motivated themselves to purse careers in science that might benefit their communities.

School children look for birds on the Chobe River flood plain- evidence of elephant everywhere.
Birds are fundamental to ecosystems and a good indicator of habitat quality.

 Dr. Mark Vandewalle (project partner) leads a discussion about the importance of birds to ecosystems.
 The Department of Wildlife and National Parks is on the lookout for any animals that might threaten the group. Elephants, buffalo and hippo can be dangerous and are numerous in this area of the river.

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