Friday, January 6, 2012

Tanaxu Khôâkx’oxo talks about the lack of water today
That was our food in the past and it was nice. Today we are not eating those foods because of water. We are suffering today because of water. In the past, even in the summer our water holes were full of water. Today there is no water in our water holes. In the past, when you arrived at Guxa you would hear frogs singing in the pools. In Goyi there was a borehole where we lived and we also stayed in Qeritcoroxa, which was full of water. These places were full of water at that time when we lived in the forest in the past. There was another place that was called Guitcuku and there was a borehole and pools that could not dry up.

Community Natural Resources of
Bugakhwe and ||Anikhwe in the Okavango
Panhandle in Botswana
(Khwete Kx’ûîkarahî xudji kx’ei|am n|im ||Xomki)

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