Sunday, March 4, 2012

The maps for our participatory wetlands program are now being finalized and will be distributed in June to the Chiefs of each village in the Enclave. This project (funded by UNDP SGGEF) took years to accomplish but provides the first participatory resource and governance project to take place in Northern Botswana. Here, Dr. Alexander, Mpho Ramotadima, and Pete Laver provide realtime GIS mapping discussions with community members in the Kgotla. Recent electrification of the region has provided the opportunity to use computers to enhance community participation and interaction.The team had to be creative, plastic bags cover the Kgotla window so that the community can see the map images and a sheet acts as a screen for the computer images.

The data from this project will be used to understand landscape changes and influences on water quality and the needs of local communities.

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