Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our students also participated in an international art project this Saturday that is run by Nancy Ranch and her husband. This couple is currently traveling around the world, visiting school groups like CARACAL's and helping them create individual pieces of art that show what they think best describes their country. For example, most of the students think that the wildlife is what is most important about Chobe so many of them drew different animals like hippos, elephants, giraffe, and zebra. Each hand drawn card is copied twice so that the children may keep their drawing while the second copies are carried to the next country where students in another organization can pick a card they like the best to keep. Using these visual, artistic aids, this project teaches kids around the world about different environments and cultures that they aren't familiar with. Our students got to choose cards from Namibia and the cards that were made by the Botswana children will be heading off to Cambodia to be distributed to a school group there! The kids had a great time learning a new way to make cards and also getting to use watercolor paints afterwards! Thanks so much Nancy for an amazing weekend!

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