Sunday, February 24, 2013

Conservation club develops messages for other students on the importance of throwing away our waste!

  This week, after picking up litter around the school, children designed posters to inform other students, staff, and community members about littering. Littering is a big problem in both Kasane and Kazungula, with a great deal of trash scattered in the streets and even the banks of the river. When it rains and the river rises, this trash can get carried into the river, polluting the water that we drink! Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones affected by pollution. All parts of the ecosystem are affected, including the many animals, aquatic and on land, that rely on the Chobe River as a water resource. When this trash enters the system it is harmful to the animals and negatively affects the water quality. Using this knowledge, children used a variety of craft supplies to show their peers why it is important to throw trash in the bin and pick up litter on the streets. The final posters will be hung around the school to reach out to the whole community.The children also use old plastic bottles to create art and useful objects like bird feeders demonstrating the importance of waste recycling.

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