Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fieldwork in pictures - an hour in the life of a researcher

These images were captured this morning during data collection in Kasane, Northern Botswana. The Virginia Tech/CARACAL team are pictured here hard at work collecting fly traps left out overnight and setting up fresh ones in and around the homes of community members in our study area. This kind of work is challenging because of the very personal and private spaces our team are required to access in order to carry out their fieldwork. They can console themselves in the knowledge that the findings produced by this study (which is a Conservation, Food and Health funded project) will directly improve the lives and conditions of the people in this part of Kasane. It is also part of a broader research program being carried out by Virginia Tech's Alexander Lab which seeks to better understand the relationships between human and environmental health in the region.

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  1. well done guys! this is important work and your efforts make all the difference to the communities.