Monday, February 23, 2015

Help Ethel the aardvark! | Kathleen Alexander's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

Help Ethel the aardvark! |  Fundraiser on CrowdRise


In January 2015, Ethel, the aardvark, was attacked by domestic dogs in the Chobe Enclave, Botswana. The community and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks rescued Ethel and brought her to CARACAL (our NGO in Botswana) for care. Unfortunately Ethel had suffered significant injuries from the attack and was transported down to Maun to undergo surgery for a broken leg. After a month of recovering from surgery she has returned to us here at CARACAL, however, she is still in poor health. While we can provide expert veterinary care for Ethel at CARACAL, we do not have the funds that are required for her treatment, care and future life with us. Ethel's veterinary bills from her surgery were expensive and the costs of her ongoing care and treatment are escalating. When Ethel recovers she will require a custom built nocturnal enclosure at CARACAL where she will become an important ambassador for her species.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 to cover these costs, but the more funds we can raise, the better we can build Ethel’s new home. With a larger enclosure we can accommodate other rescued nocturnal animals (such as the two bush babies living with us) and create a homely environment for Ethel and her friends.

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