Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project identifies widespread occurrence of leptospirosis in wildlife in Botswana - causing a disease of global importance

Leptospirosis is an enormous public health threat that affects predominately the poor. CARACAL and Virginia Tech are working hard to understand this problem. Dr. Alexander has been leading a program of study on this important disease and together with her post doctoral student, Dr. Sarah Jobbins, they have made important discoveries. Not only have they identified the presence of this pathogen in Botswana, but the widespread occurrence of infection among wildlife. Many questions remain - does this pathogen affect any other species? How does leptospirosis move across the landscape? Although leptospirosis has not been reported in Botswana in humans - does this disease impact people and we just miss it because there are so many other disease that present with fever? We are working hard to find out!

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